About us
Welcome to Tecumseh Canada!
We pride ourselves in the quality of our Products which includes fur gloves, fur hats, traditional wool and leather lined moccasins, knicker boots, hand stitched Snowshoe boots, and our world famous wool lined Mukluks!

What separates us from most is we manufacture everything right here in Canada! That's right ! On North American soil, using the best quality hand selected soft suede leathers and rabbit fur. You get quality that shows true pride and craftsmanship in each and every product you receive! The glass bead designs you see on all of our products are hand sewn with care and attention to detail.

The fur used on our boots and rabbit fur moccasins do NOT come from endangered species but from renewable, natural sources. Thus making our products Eco friendly. We also have a unique sole that we use on most of our outdoor footwear called the traditional gum sole. The ¼”, double stitched, durable, plantation gum rubber sole, is made to absorb shock and add comfort with each step.

Our products are guaranteed to be a hit with you and your customers! While they will last years it will be hard not to buy a pair for each Season. We encourage you to be creative when placing your order with us. There are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your moccasins. Your customers will be happy they found you and will become loyal over the years. You will find out why customers continue to buy Tecumseh again and again! Best Handmade Quality! Buy Canadian!

About the Mukluks
Mukluks or Kamik (singular: kamak) are a soft boot traditionally made of reindeer skin or sealskin and were originally worn by Arctic natives, including the Inuit and Yupik. The term mukluk is often used for any soft boot designed for cold weather and modern designs are often similar to high-top athletic shoes. The word "mukluk" is of Yupik origin, from maklak, the Bearded Seal, while "kamik" is an Inuit word.

Another type of boot, sometimes called an Inuit boot, originating in Greenland and the eastern part of Alaska, are made by binding them with animal cartilage and have a center seam running down to the foot of the boot.

Mukluks weigh little and allow hunters to move very quietly. They may be adorned with pompoms and beads and may be lined with furs such as rabbit, fox and raccoon.

Modern mukluks based on the traditional design have become an upmarket fashion item in the United States and Europe. Notable wearers of mukluks include supermodel Kate Moss, movie actress Gwyneth Paltrow and celebrity Paris Hilton.